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October 12, 2015

Dearest Friends,

Halfway through my sermon a few weeks ago an eight-year old boy walked by the Churches open door (we keep it open to help with ventilation) then walked by again a few moments later and stopped to wave at me.  I couldn’t help but smile mid-sermon because I knew him very well.

James (not his real name) lives near the Church and loves to come by the house with his two sisters asking for a glass of cold water along with a Bible story.  James likes to hear about King David (I’ve told him about David three times) while his sister Jessica who is eleven  (not her real name) prefers Noah’s flood, and his oldest sister Allison (not her real name) enjoys hearing how Jesus would crush the head of Satan 🙂

When they came to visit last Monday I asked James if he had waved at me during my sermon, and encouraged him to come to the Church services with his sisters.  Knowing it doesn’t help to push a person in this situation I simply invited them to come visit, and prayed the Lord would do the rest.

After Sunday School finished yesterday morning I went downstairs to where we have a children’s program and there was James and his sister Jessica who greeted me excitedly.  During the morning the service they happily sang hymns, colored in their prodigal son coloring sheet, and listened as I preached on the need to love others.

They came back for the evening service…and brought Allison with them.

While there is a great spiritual need in all of their lives the Lord has given me a special burden for Jessica, who seems truly hungry to learn the Word of God.  She came yesterday morning wearing a gorgeous white dress (the first time I’ve ever seen her wear one) and unlike her brother who spent most of the sermon coloring, watched me intently as I preached.  I truly believe that she is close to understanding and accepting the Gospel.  Pray that they will all continue coming, and understand their need of Christ.

And for me pray that I can continue building Gospel bridges into the lives of Barrouaille’s people.  At least once a day while sitting on the porch (often doing sermon prep) I will hear James shouting “Mr. John!” as he walks by the house…usually followed by a greeting, or request for water and a Bible story.  May God give me many other friends who will call out my name as they walk by the house, and use those friendships for the Gospel.

In Christ,

John Wilburn

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