The God Who Gives More Than You Expect

Barrouaille School










A few weeks ago I met with the principal of a large elementary school that’s less than a five-minute walk from my house about volunteering there.  My end goal was to start a ministry teaching Bible to children, but knew at this point relationship development is the most important thing, so agreed to help two days a week with a second-grade class.

After not hearing anything since then I decided to visit her this morning and see if there was something else that needed to be done on my end.  The principal informed me that she was actually a temporary replacement (teacher also doing administrative duties) and they were currently looking for a new full-time one.  Till this was completed, they wouldn’t be able to take on any volunteers since new ones would normally work along with a teacher.

While this was bad news, she followed it up with some pretty awesome news

The school wanted me to start a Bible club during lunch break

All children in Barrouaille schools are given a one-hour lunch break in the afternoon.  A lot of them end up going home to eat their lunch, but some stay at the school with packed lunches, and there is no real program for them.  The school wants me to teach Bible stories during that time which will not only be educational (and spiritually challenging) but help keep the students under control.

Of course this is a huge praise since a Bible teaching ministry is what I wanted in the first place….but now the Lord has given me both an opportunity to do this every day, and help in classes two days a week!

Oh but wait…it gets better

This morning I visited with a Church member who had applied for a teaching job at the nearby High-School to see if he had been accepted.  Unfortunately he hadn’t, but the people there knew of a school in Barrouaille that needed new teachers.

Guess where they sent him?

That’s the school where I will begin my Bible teaching ministry!  And he starts tomorrow!

Now this may not change anything, but during my prayer walk this morning it occurred to me maybe having a new teacher there would free up some of the current ones to help me with my ministry, or possibly allow the temporary principal to focus more of her time on administration (she teaches and is temporary principal at the same time).  Wouldn’t it just be like God to provide a good friend of mine a job so that I can start teaching the Bible at school?

No matter what happens with the school ministry, this morning was a good reminder that God is Gracious, and also extremely generous.  Often we come to Him asking for a small thing (helping in a class) and He responds by giving us something much better than we had requested.

This is also convicting for me because those times that I ask God for something small comes from a faith that is incredibly small.  It makes me wonder how many times the Lord wants to pour glorious blessings into my life but I only ask or a small thing.

Thank you Lord for this reminder that you know what’s on my heart.  And if I am faithful, you will always give more than expected.

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