Putting an End to the “John Show”













In about a week it will officially be two-months since I returned to Barrouallie as the intern pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church.  During that time I’ve enjoyed many wonderful blessings, but none of them compare to tonight.

See for the last eight weeks we have enjoyed the “John show” which means I do pretty much everything myself (speaking five times a week and leading music occasionally).  This isn’t something that bothers me to be honest since it’s normal for Church plants and I love to preach, however I’m well aware that Tabernacle cannot grow that way.

Last month I began praying about this and the Lord burdened me about the need for one on one discipleship with men in the Church.  The kind of Bible studies that emphasize spiritual growth, but also equip for ministry, and lovingly send them out into the culture with the Gospel.  By God’s Grace that burden has become a reality starting today as I begin the first small-group study on evangelism at the Church, and two men begin discipleship next week.

Sadly though today is incredibly important for Tabernacle, part of me wants to keep the John show going.

  1. Because it still gives me an element of control
  2. I know things will be done the way that I like them done
  3. I would rather not ask for help 🙂

The bottom line is it’s easier to run around spinning the plates myself than to allow other people to do it and break a few plates in the process.  Yet with all the plate-spinning I am forgetting an important truth.

It’s not but how many plates you can spin

It’s about how many people are spinning plates

If Barrouallie St. Vincent (and the world) will be reached for the Gospel we must get past the plate-spinning philosophy of ministry that will just lead to exhaustion, and enter into one focused on apprenticeship/discipleship.

Yes that means things will get messy and lots of plates will get broken

But it also means instead of being about it me it will be my Savior


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