The Moment We Slept Through a Culture War











Last night I was reading from Dr. Albert Mohlers new book “We Cannot Be Silent” (which is awesome by the way) and came across a quote that seemed especially appropriate in the light of recent ISIS attacks in Paris.  He is actually referring to Homosexual or same-sex marriage advocates in the quote, but it could easily be applied to terrorists as well.

can anyone doubt that part of the problem, in what some people have called the culture war, is that one side is prepared and organized and determined, and the other side is just gradually beginning to wake up?

After Friday night when six separate attacks took place at the same time in strategic locations it’s obvious that ISIS (or the Islamic State as they prefer) has a definite battle plan, and is already carrying it out.

The scary thing is these terrorists are laser focused on one goal. To create a worldwide Muslim religion that is led by a Caliph (leader) who is a direct descendant of Muhammad. This is done by killing everyone who don’t agree with their views, including other Muslims.

Now as frightening as that may be, what really worries me is when the focused organization of ISIS is compared to Christians who most of the time deal with secondary issues (myself included most of the time sadly).

Think about it, what were we talking about last week?

Red Starbucks Cups

Meanwhile terrorists are creating elaborate plans to take lives!

Now please understand I’m not saying that we should all start stockpiling weapons and preparing to defend our homeland.  Instead it’s time for us to wake up, realize we are in the middle of a war, and admit we are losing badly.

Some may say “well the Islamic State isn’t about to attack America!”  Okay lets just say we aren’t in direct war with ISIS, do you know who we are in war with?

  1. The Homosexual agenda
  2. Attack on personal liberty on College Campuses
  3. The Transgender movement

Want to guess how many of those wars we are losing?

I am convicted by the fact that I’ve allowed excuses to lull me to sleep while opposing groups have organized themselves.  But the good news is as Christians God forgives our mistakes.  The important thing is to wake up and admit we have slept through a culture war.

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