What Would You Add to my 2017 Reading Challenge?

Like many of you reading more is a new-years resolution every January, and like most of you I almost never follow-up. So I’m incredibly excited by the 2017 reading challenge created by Tim Challies.

The beautiful thing about this challenge is Challies has created a chart with book recommendations that eliminate three of the most common problems with reading.


  • Not knowing what books to read
  • And only reading a certain kind of book
  • And different stages of reading for different people-his chart goes from Light Reader (a book a month) to the Obsessed Reader (two books a week)

Armed with this chart (I’m starting as an Avid Reader suggestions underneath Light Reader) in less than 30 minutes I had 11 books set aside in an Amazon wish list!

  1. A book by a puritan:  Overcoming Sin and Temptation (John Owen)
  2. A book about a missionary:  Through Gates of Splendor (Elizabeth Elliot)
  3. A book about Christian Living: The Pursuit of God (AW Tozer)
  4. A book about the Reformation:  Here I Stand:  A Life of Martin Luther (Roland Baiton)
  5. A Book about Theology:  An Infinite Journey (Andrew Davis) (Second Reading)
  6. Book Recommended by a Family Member:  _______________
  7. Book Recommended by a Friend:  _____________________
  8. A New York Times Bestseller:  Hillbilly Elegy (JD Vance)
  9. A Book about Church History:  Church History in Plain Language (Dr. Bruce Shelley)
  10. Book that is less than 100 pages:  Animal Farm (Goerge Orwell)
  11. Book of your choice:  Living God’s Word:  Discovering your place in the Great Story of Scripture (Scott Duvall, Daniel Hays)
  12. A Biography :  Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy  (Eric Metaxas)

I’m incredibly grateful for this tool that helps me pursue reading in a purposefully organized way…but it also allows my friends to have input in my reading

So what would you add for number seven on my list?  The answer should fit nicely into the following blank:  Every Christian in the world should read __________________ before they die.

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