The Case for Christian Satire

Thanksgiving night I sat on my porch and had a good laugh; the kind that starts with a slight chuckle, and ends with you gasping for air.

Usually this kind of laughter is reserved for Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs, but that night I was reading “Then Tweets My Soul” by Church Curmudgeon, a fictional character who pokes fun at what’s wrong with the Church on twitter.   

Soon I was texting some of the best ones to my brother in America

The interesting thing is these critical and sarcastic tweets have led to popularity and explosive growth on social media…something that’s also proven true for the Babylon Bee, a Christian satire site.

I sat at my computer last Saturday and laughed for over five-minutes at the Babylon Bee’s Top Ten Books of 2016 with my favorite being We Can’t Dance if We Want to by John MacArthur which would leave people with a “renewed sense of reverence, and a fear of taking their hands out of the pockets for any reason.”

It’s true that sometimes this kind of humor crosses the line from being funny to mean-spirited (Church Curmudgeon is known for directing his jokes worship leaders, or youth pastors).  But there is a still a huge need for Christian satire….if nothing else because it gives us something clean to laugh at.

Watch most comedies today and you will see the worlds values prominently displayed, warped marriages, or an unrealistic view of life (every problem fixed in 30 minutes).  That doesn’t even take into account profanity, clothing characters wear (or lack thereof), and uncomfortable “look away moments”

In a sense Christian satire gives us laughter but it also convicts the heart.  More than once I have found my heart attitude illustrated in Curmudgeon tweet, or Babylon Bee article.  And repented because my own life strengthened the view that many unsaved people have of Christians.

So go ahead; laugh, share, and retweet.  But make sure to examine your own heart as well.

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