Using Personal Time for Discipleship

When thinking of the word “discipleship” I get the idea of two people in deep discussion with a Bible, and coffee (if they are lucky.)  However this view overlooks the many opportunities for Discipleship we have in the daily experiences of life.

Mark Dever in his book “discipling” gave a very interesting thought about using personal time to train or find new leaders


On those occasions when my wife asks me to go the grocery store, I typically break into a cold sweat for fear of getting the wrong thing (my issues, not hers!), and so I often bring a brother with me. That way, we can spend intentional time together, and he can share the blame.


I’m pretty sure they didn’t discuss Theology while comparing different kinds of dressing, but being together gave an opportunity to share how God was working, and how they could pray for one another.


The Lord is slowly beginning to help me seek teachable moments with others in this personal time instead of Bible Study.  Not because we shouldn’t have Bible Studies of course, but it opens greater doors.  
The thing is no child would come over to have a Bible study with me…but they love to do things with me.  And its during that shared personal time the Gospel is shared.


Last Saturday I FINALLY got around to washing my car (it was in very bad shape) and instead of doing it myself asked two of my best Bible Club students to help me.  After being washed twice, rinsed, and dried off I took them on a ride to the next village and back.  Then we sat down on my porch and ate pringles potato chips while reviewing what we learned in Bible Club about God.

While eating pringles and sitting on my porch doesn’t fit into what we normally view as Discipleship trust me when i say that it is.  Those boys will vividly remember that car ride, those snacks, and discussing the Holiness of God.

Another blessing of using personal time for Discipleship is the Holy Spirit opens the door for some amazing conversations about the Gospel and our need of Christ.

A few weeks ago I was throwing a football around with some of the kids and jokingly said “boy I’m good at this!”  A little girl immediately shot back “but you aren’t as good as God Mr. John” (I had to agree).  Many conversations like this have taken place because personal time has been spent just being with young people.

Of course I look forward to the day when one on one Bible studies can begin.  But until that day I’m happy eating pringles on the porch, and explaining that God loves us more than we could ever know.

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