Getting Them to Hell

I walked with a little girl to school this morning who regularly attends bible club, always sits on the second row during Church, and enjoys taking notes during the sermon, but does not know the Lord.

As we walked along I asked her “if you got hit by a car right now where would you go?” without a moment’s hesitation she responded “hell.”

That answer didn’t surprise me since she told me that at least once before while sitting on my porch, but still isn’t quite ready to be saved.

Walking away from the school I began to pray that she would someday be ready to accept Christ.  But also thanked God that 8-year-old knew she was going to hell.

Lately I’ve been asking many children in Barrouaillie this mornings question (if you died right now where would you go) and it seems EVERYBODY is going to Heaven!  However when I follow-up by asking “when God asks why He should let you in what will you say?” the children are no longer confident.

The truth is many children (and adults) know they will go to hell, but are too embarrassed to say that publicly, so they just say Heaven instead.   While I would definitely prefer for this girl to accept Jesus on the way to school that open confession meant she grasped her need of Christ, and opened the door for conviction from the Holy Spirit.

Bill Faye in his book “Share Jesus Without Fear” explains that our goal when witnessing is to share the Gospel clearly.  Even when this doesn’t lead to a Salvation decision, it focuses the mind of that unsaved person on the Gospel.  He illustrates this with the following conversation.

  1. Christian:  Are you willing to accept Christ right now?
  2. Unsaved person:  Not really
  3. Christian:  Why Not?
  4. unsaved person explains reason and its clarified by Christian (so your allowing _______ to keep you out of Heaven?)
  5. Christian: Let me ask you this if you died right now where would you go?
  6. Unsaved person:  (mumbling) Hell
  7. Christian:  Where would you go?
  8. Unsaved person:  (stronger voice) Hell
  9. Christian:  Okay drive safe!

You can clearly see how this conversation forces them to meditate (think about) their eternal destiny.   

Part of me wanted to put pressure on the girl to accept Christ on the way school this morning but knew Salvation had to be HER OWN CHOICE.  So as we got closer I encouraged her to find the pastor’s wife, a fellow missionary, or myself when she was ready to accept Jesus.

A few minutes later as I walked around the other side of the school she ran up and called my name (went through two passageways to get there).  I calmly asked what she wanted (praying to hear the words “I am ready”) but she just giggled and looked at the ground.

That’s okay because the Spirit of God is working her life, and someday soon I pray the angels of Heaven will rejoice because she is ready.


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