Confessions of a Terrible Handyman

God in His infinite wisdom has given me many talents

Unfortunately being a handyman isn’t one of them.

Truthfully it isn’t that I can’t fix things, but I’m so bad at it that people tend to point and laugh 🙂  However some times God puts us in situations where our weaknesses take center stage.

When I moved into my rental property two of the three porch lights weren’t working properly.  This was a cause for concern since I sit on the porch at night (it’s cooler) and only having one light means being in the shadows.  Things went fine for a few months till sure enough within a few weeks two porch lights died.  Unfortunately part of the lights were damaged (because of things prior tenants did) so both fixtures had to be replaced.

For months I sat in shadows on the porch because my “male pride” kept me from asking for help, and I didn’t want to experience the embarrassment of putting it up on my own.  Finally three weeks ago I bought new light fixtures…only to leave them in the closet and promise to put them up “someday.”

Yesterday afternoon the Lord began to really convict my stubbornness and I bravely went outside to start the job.  Just a few minutes in my worst fears where realized when my neighbor asked “John do you know what your doing?”

In that moment part of me wanted to say “of course I know what I’m doing!” but that wasn’t really true (editors note:  I could have done the job but it would have taken hours). So instead I responded “um I think so” in what I am sure was a very shaky voice.

From that point he took the role of handyman and within about 20 minutes we had the new fixture working.  Sitting outside reading the Bible last night (there was plenty of light) I asked myself “why didn’t I ask for help sooner?”

Of course I knew the answer to that question…my heart was filled with pride and a desire to ALWAYS look successful


It’s a natural thing to try to cover up or hide our weaknesses, which is why God brings moments when friends will ask “do you know what your doing?”  Saying no and revealing our weakness means swallowing some pride…but it also means enjoying the light that comes from a friends helping hand.

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