Why Ministry Should Be Boring

About three weeks ago a slight change was made in  Bible Club that’s made a significant difference.
I made it boring…
Now the truth is I didn’t make Bible Club “boring” at all, instead I made it a lot more effective! However, in the eyes of some children, it is definitely less interesting.

The change was moving away from childrens storybooks such as the Jesus Storybook Bible, and Jesus Calling for a study of the book of Mark using my Bible.

While these children’s books are used by God (my copy of the Jesus Storybook Bible is literally falling apart) I felt the Lord leading me to make the change.

  1. Because they only share basic truths of Scripture
  2. Often the kids pay more attention to the picture than the actual story
  3. And most importantly they were drawn by the book instead of Scripture


There definitely isn’t anything wrong with using ministry tools, but they must always be used the STRENGTHEN the teaching of Scripture.  The moment kids started caring more about seeing the pictures than the lesson I knew it was time for a change.

The Lord has blessed since Bible Club started revolving around a study of Mark because I’m usually teaching a few at a time (two or three) instead of a large group which made things difficult.  So instead of one very large group I’m able to reach three or four small ones in a direct way…but often they will find things “boring.”

The kids usually pay very close attention at first, but at the five-minute-mark, some start getting distracted, which is usually followed by loud sighs, asking how much longer it will last, starting a conversation with friends, or leaving altogether.  In those moments part of me wants to grab their attention with a book or ministry tool, but the Lord reminds me a “boring ministry” that relies on Scripture instead of entertainment impacts hearts.

Yesterday three boys came for a story.  one on the end was more interested in putting on the temporary tattoos in his package of cookies than listening to me and decided to go home early.  The one on the other end didn’t listen very well either.  But the one in the middle locked eyes with me and never looked away as I talked about the leper who came to Jesus for healing (Mark 1:40-43) and the sinfulness of our own hearts.

We as Christians need to offer more boring ministries today….ones that just share Scripture without the bells and whistles.  Because for every person who zones out or plays with their sticker, the Holy Spirit will one to repentance.

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