Why I Must Eat Before I get Hungry

It’s been a week since I made a dramatic change in my daily diet with the simple principle “don’t wait till you are hungry.”  It may seem strange, but I believe that principle will have a greater impact upon my future ministry than anything else other than Scripture reading, and my daily walk with the Lord.

Up till last week my eating habits would be excellent till about 1:00.  Because I work a lot with children most of my ministry is done from early afternoon (2:00-2:30) when they get out of school, to around 8:30.  During that six or six and a half hour period I’m usually ministering to kids.  Which creates a serious problem when it comes to eating dinner.

There’s usually is a 15 to 20 minute window from 6:40 or 6:45 to 7:00 that I’m able to make dinner and eat it (on Church nights I have a half-hour). That gives enough time for a quick sandwich and maybe a piece of fruit and ten minutes rest before the children show up.  Editors note:  please understand I’m not complaining, I love working with Barrouaillies children, and there is time in the morning to study as well as relaxation.

The problem is I would arrive home at 6:45 already in the “danger zone” with low energy, and a huge appetite.  That sandwich (on white bread of course) wouldn’t hold up long so it isn’t surprising I end up eating way too much food after 8:30.

The “eat before your hungry” principle basically means eating something small every hour to hour and a half.

  1. This morning for instance I ate three mangoes after getting back from town at 10:30
  2. and scrambled eggs at 12:00
  3. then a protein shake at 1:00

The truth is I don’t really NEED the protein shake, or even the eggs or that matter.  But at 6:00 tonight those extra calories will keep me from reaching the danger zone.

As a Missionary its easy to get so caught up in the spiritual side of things that we overlook the physical side.  It is possible to live on 15 minute dinners consisting of grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwiches.  But the work of God takes not only energy but a focused mind, and that means eating when your not hungry.

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