Our Vanishing Religious Liberty

Last week Stephen Mcalpine had a very interesting (and sad) article that explains recent changes in the Queensland (Australia) school that “moved to ban Jesus from the playground in its State Government Schools.”

A recent article on the new law states:

Examples of evangelising cited in the review, as well as two earlier reviews into religious ­instruction providers, include sharing Christmas cards that refer to Jesus’s birth, creating Christmas tree decorations to give away and making beaded bracelets to give to friends “as a way of sharing the good news about Jesus”.

This redefining of evangelism (it’s no longer sharing the Gospel but giving out things that could possibly lead to a religious conversation) is another illustration of our culture’s attack on religious freedom.  And these attacks will continue because as Macalpines article points out “they hate Jesus.”

The rapidly closing door of religious liberty is a call for Christians to take advantage of those mission fields (through short-term trips or financial support) where the door is still open (editors note:  I’m not saying fields like Australia are closed to the Gospel, but there are fields that have fewer restrictions).

One of the greatest blessings of Saint Vincent is their openness to the Gospel:

  1. We can still openly hand out tracts and EVERYONE not only takes them but READS THEM
  2. Children especially are interested in getting as many tracts as possible to read.  One Sunday a girl inside a car noticed I was handing out tracts and started yelling “I want one!”
  3. Secondary schools open the day with PRAYER and a DEVOTIONAL FROM SCRIPTURE!
  4. Amazingly even the prison system in Saint Vincent is open to the Gospel.  It was amazing to see shirtless men with tattoos and large muscles asking for tracts.  We were even able to stick them through the bars of prison cells (I’d probably get tased for trying that in America)


The hunger of Vincentian people for the Gospel calls for Missionaries, but more importantly, I realize it won’t always be that way.

I don’t believe that handing out Christmas cards will be outlawed in schools, but eventually the animosity the world has towards Christianity will reach here too.

people will stop reading tracts

they will argue instead of listening to the Gospel

Their hearts will become hardened to Scripture

So we must do all that we can before the door closes.


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