The “I’t doesn’t matter!” moment of Evangelism

Living in a religious mission field where unsaved people have a strong knowledge of Scripture is both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because they agree with Biblical principles and know the Bible

It’s a curse because they use that Biblical knowledge to change the subject when you share Christ

yesterday morning I was sharing the Gospel with a boy named Franklyn who admitted he was going to hell, but as I talked about his need to believe in Jesus asked about faith without works being dead from James 2:14.

In Franklyn’s case I believe it was a legitimate question, but often the religious unsaved, when faced with the Holy Spirits conviction, will start bringing up every controversial Bible passage they can think of.

Its then you smile and with a calm voice tell them…”it doesn’t matter.”

I’m not saying their question isn’t important.  There’s definitely a place for discussions about the Trinity, Biblical proofs of heaven and hell, why God took Elijah up to Heaven, or how a loving God could punish people.

But that place isn’t when they choose between accepting or rejecting Christ.

Earlier this week I had a conversation with a friend Steve (who happens to be Rastafarian).  Most of it had to do with God’s standard being perfection instead of just living a “clean life” or “holding their own beliefs.”

As I continued to explain one sin disqualifies from Heaven Steve asked: “well where is Heaven and hell?”

During my first months in Barrouallie our conversation would have turned into a back and forth discussion about whether hell even exists (He believes it’s on earth right now) instead of my friend’s spiritual need.  But with the Lords help I was able to calmly explain with an open Bible the important thing isn’t where Heaven is…but whether or not your going there.

As the mission field of religious unsaved people grows it’s vital that Christians spend more time saying “it doesn’t matter!” or gently asking “what does that have to do with whether or not you will receive Jesus?” and less time arguing issues.

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