My Chaotic Bible Club


Every child in town knows that four days a week (I take Tuesdays off) Mr. John will be holding two Bible Clubs.  While the settings are COMPLETELY different, they are both absolutely necessary.

Main Bible club is held at 3:15 in the afternoon as children are on their way home from School.  It centers on teaching Scripture through songs, memory verses, Bible stories, Missionary lessons, and a gametime.  “Second Bible club” is much shorter (lasting maybe 15 minutes) and held at the park where children play after school. Editors note-Second BIble club is actually done more than once usually for different groups of children

To be honest there are days when I wonder whether or not second Bible club is necessary…like last week when a boy was swinging from a tree-branch and shouting above my head as I tried to share the Gospel.  

So what keeps me going back to the park every afternoon?

Missions calls us to structured, and unstructured (you can even call it chaotic ) ministry

Obviously there is a call to structured ministry within missions with very clear expectations (everyone knows Mr. John’s Bible Club rules) and rewards.  Done well children will become part of that ministry and adapt to the rules.  Yet there will be some who choose not to attend first Bible club.


It’s for those children (they often need it the most) that I pack up my Bible club material and spend time sharing the Gospel.

There are days when I stop and leave because somebodies brother is screaming on a tree branch, but I’ve seen the Lord create opportunities for His glory in the midst of that chaos.

Like a conversation about Heaven with a group of girls, or two adults who listened as I explained we are all wicked on the inside, and nothing we can do on the outside (works) can change that.

The truth is even if there wasn’t any fruit I would still bring the Gospel into the chaos…because my Savior left Heaven for the chaos of this earth so I could be with Him someday.

Christians never agree with or tolerate the chaos around them (I broke up two fights yesterday at the park) but we must keep stepping into it with the Gospel brightly shining.

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