My Band of Brothers

Every once in a while God gives me a not so subtle “stomach punch reminder” of areas where I’m can do better in ministry.  Last week He used an article entitled “All Men Need a Band of Brothers”  to do that…and one quote in particular.

Men today are often drowning is superficial relationships, but do not possesses any genuinely accountable gut-level friendships. If no male friend has bluntly confronted you about something in your life in the last year, you have contacts—not friends. If the face of a male friend whom you would not want to face after messing up does not come to mind, then you are doing life wrong.

The stomach-punch that morning wasn’t about unconfessed sin, but not making time for strong male friendships with other Pastors and Missionaries.

In the past whenever in Kingstown I’d try to meet another Pastor or Missionary for lunch.  This gave time to encourage one another, share burdens, and lovingly point out areas where we could serve the Lord better.  This was usually done at the local subway.

Recently however I stopped contacting Pastors whenever I can into town. Originally this was because  “my to-do list was just too long.”  But eventually I started choosing by habit to be on my own (illustrated by top picture in this post) instead of with my brothers (illustrated by bottom picture when my parents came to visit).

Thankfully God used an article and a night of loneliness recently to show EVERYONE needs a band of brothers.

Last week I sat in Subway with two of my ministry mentors along with a traveling evangelist talking about ministry, the Gospel, and false-doctrine for an hour and a half.

I’m sure there were more productive things I could have done during that time, but I can guarantee you few things were more important.



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