You Need a “Walking Around Bible”

Living in a village filled with other religions and cult-groups is an incredible challenge, but at the same time a great blessing.

A challenge because there are many Gospels (most of them false)
And a blessing because it gives lots of practice defending your faith

Through countless conversations with those who believe heresy I’ve found one thing they don’t have an answer for….An Open Bible 

Last Summer I adopted the practice of using what I call a “walking around Bible” either in a bag, or my hand.  Since then its become my most indispensable ministry tool.

There are many reasons why a “walking around Bible” is so useful when dealing with false doctrine.

  1. It Allows them to read the verses out loud that contradict their position
  2. An actual Bible (as opposed to the Bible on phone or tablet) is much easier to use when answering questions, and much less distracting
  3. it helps bring the conversation back to Scriptural truth in a physical way instead of arguing personal opinions
  4. And most importantly offers “context” to the verses they share…clearly showing how their beliefs are contradicted by verses in the same page or paragraph

I was a bit hesitant about sharing with cult members or other religions till I realized they never paid attention to the context of a passage, only interested in sharing a list of verses one after another. When you realize they cannot defend their view with Scripture suddenly they aren’t so scary anymore

  • I’ve seen a man who believes Acts 2:38 teaches baptismal regeneration become violently angry and start shouting because a Christian points out Christians in Acts three weren’t baptized for Salvation
  • Another man who holds to baptismal regeneration begin personally attacking Pastors with me because he couldn’t explain why Acts 2:38 contradicts Acts 2:21
  • And a Jehovah’s Witness promise to see me twice, but still hasn’t shown up, because he can’t explain how Jesus could no longer be God on the cross

Please understand this has nothing to do with my power…but the authority of Scripture.

So don’t be afraid of those conversations with heretics my dear friend. just make sure you bring a Bible along

Then watch as they desperately try to prove God’s Word wrong…and fail.


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