Missionaries must be fire-men and farmers

Yesterday morning after a month of putting out daily ministry fires brought on by the retirement of dear co-workers and their return to the States, I stepped again into the role of a farmer.

For missions to truly work the role of a fireman that accomplishes daily goals must be embraced.  But the role of a farmer that does the hard work of study, communication, counseling, and behind the scenes administration must be embraced as well.

Honestly it was difficult to take off my fireman hat yesterday because that role offers things being a farmer doesn’t 

  1. There is the excitement of checking one task after another off the list
  2. Motivation that comes from knowing what comes next
  3. Your able to connect with people while accomplishing those ministry goals
  4. And peace at night being able to actually SEE what you accomplished

Yet I still put my farmer hat on….because a fireman form of ministry doesn’t last

Nicholas Batzig explains it this way in a recent article.

“Anyone can build something quickly using wood, hay and stubble. These are not costly materials. Gold, silver and precious stones, by way of contrast, are costly and take a great deal of time to refine and shape before they can be used for building.  A truly biblical ministry will often grow at a much slower rate, but it will last into all of eternity” 

It’s true farming isn’t as exciting and doesn’t produce the stories for a prayer letter.

But it does produce lasting fruit for the Glory of God.

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