In Praise of Old-School Evangelism


Last Friday I was able to take an East Caribbean pastor and his family out to lunch, and learn what the Lord taught him through ten-years of ministry.

The Lord used him to encourage my heart, but I became especially interested when he started talking about evangelism.  “how did you do evangelism there?” I asked leaning forward excitedly.

His answer was “we did door to door visitation”

No seriously

The pastor proceeded to explain he and his Church made natural evangelism a huge focus of their ministry.  Just engaging and mingling with people, and sharing the Gospel when possible.  They also visited every home in the village to speak with people about Christ.

 I walked away from our meeting both encouraged and convicted at the same time.  The Lord has helped me start outreach ministries in Barrouaille like tract-distribution, and visitation of shut-ins, as well as Bible Club.  But to this point nobody has done door to door visitation.

While walking over from another village this morning I took the picture in this post of Barrouaille or “Bagga” for short.  I’m a bit overwhelmed by the vast amount of people in my village…could you imagine knocking on all of those doors?

Yet God promises that those who invest themselves into “old-school evangelism” like door to door visitation will bring great glory to Him.  With God’s help I’ll visit each one of those houses (sometimes with Tabernacle Church Members).  And ever so slowly give a personal witness to everyone.

One thing the pastor told me sticks in my mind as I start this visitation ministry.  He said people kept telling him “we had no idea Baptists did this!”  May God help Tabernacle Baptist Church let the people of Barrouaillie know old-school evangelism is still important.

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