The Glory of Plodding Mondays


Its a little bit after 1:00 as I write this and I’m finally starting to feel human again…which is normal for Mondays.

Actually its not as bad as I make it out to be (though some Mondays I wake up looking for the truck that ran me over).  The real issue is after preaching twice and doing visitation on Sunday, my mind is in a fog till about 3:00 on Monday.

Mondays teach me that ministry is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting.  Because of this, I must take care of myself, and make rest a part of my daily routine. 

But Mondays also teach me God’s greatly honored in what I call “plodding ministry.”

A lot of my ministry with the Lords help can be described as “professional”:

  1. Its well organized
  2. Has a very specific goal
  3. I give all of my energy to it
  4. And feel confident afterwards

Plodding ministry is much different:

  1. You are weak (and sometimes in a bad mood)
  2. There’s little to no energy
  3. And are constantly second-guessing yourself

While I would choose a professional well-organized ministry every day of the week.  A ministry of plodding weakness is a vital part to missions because it makes me desperate.

Here’s the thing…a sore body, weary mind, and occasional bad attitude draws me towards my Heavenly Father in desperate prayer.

I’m incredibly thankful that God gives strength to do His work professionally most days, and but I’m also thankful God gives grace to do His work Mondays.

In the darkest of moments, there is always light

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