Living Without Walmart

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In just under four-weeks (August 14th) I will celebrate living in Barrouaillie St. Vincent for three years.  After the first six-months there wasn’t anything I missed from home (other than American coffee or an occasional krispie-kreme donut).

Except for Walmart….

I STILL miss Walmart!

Actually it isn’t Walmart that I miss, but the convenience of having a store fifteen minutes away where you can purchase almost any item imaginable.  Living without Walmart on the mission field usually means instead of a fifteen-minute drive, you have to actually fix the broken item.

Fixing things instead of just buying a new one is a frustrating experience (especially if you have little experience fixing them like me) but the skills and patience developed during that experience is well worth the trouble.

Last month I excitedly picked up the long-awaited toner cartridge for my laser printer (it was shipped from America) and started printing worksheets for VBS in August.

When it started making a strange clacking sound that wasn’t there before I became concerned.

When it started paper-jamming I got worried.

When EVERY SINGLE PAPER continued to jam I got scared.

After deciding the problem was with the wheels that fed the paper I began cleaning and greasing them using rubbing alcohol.  Slowly more of the paper would feed before the paper-jam occurred, but it ALWAYS did.  Finally after a few weeks of work and much prayer it started printing properly!

Would it have been easier to buy a new printer from Walmart?

Yes of course!

But it wouldn’t have given me the same sense of pride from fixing it myself

I thank God for all the modern day conveniences He provides.  But also for the moments I have to get my toolbox and start loosening screws instead.


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