Why I Visit Granny, and Grandma


Yesterday morning I did my weekly Bible reading visit with “granny” and “grandma” (two different people).  This became habit a few months ago, and it never ceases to encourage my heart.

It’s interesting to me how with all the ministry tools available, “old school” methods like door to door evangelism, and personal visitation (particularly of older-saints) is what God uses to impact lives.

And God uses those same visits to impact my life as they sing with all their heart, excitedly share how they came to know the Lord, and quote verses with me word perfect (even though some can no longer see).

The greatest part of those visits is their stories of God’s faithfulness which they gladly share multiple times.

The sad thing is there are so few people left to listen to those stories anymore.

I don’t think people in SVG do this on purpose.  They just get busy, and to be honest, tend to forget about them since many older saints rarely leave home.

It does take effort and time (they enjoy talking) to hear their stories…but it’s well worth it.

Yesterday I read Psalm 34:22 with grandma (“The Lord redeemeth the soul of his servants:  and none of them that trust in Him shall be desolate”) and she told me about her trip to the hospital almost two-weeks ago because of breathing problems.

“You know” she told me with tears in her eyes, “I saw Jesus.”  She was quick to explain she didn’t literally SEE JESUS, but in that moment His presence was with her in a very special way.

Grandma told me about the doctor who “just happened” to be nearby that night….

Fearing she would die on the way to the hospital…

the tears in her eyes as she entered the hospital safely….

And the joy of being safely home again.

Driving back I thanked God for stories like this from older-saints of God’s goodness.  And prayed that the Lord would raise up more people willing to take the time to listen.


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