My (Literal) Steps of Hospitality

How is it possible for a single missionary to practice hospitality?

That question has plagued my mind (and convicted my heart) since finishing “Heaven Comes With a House Key” by Dr. Rosara Butterfield a few months ago.  I encourage EVERYONE to read this book, and if possible listen to the audio version narrated by Dr. Butterfield herself.

While the call to hospitality or everyday community cannot be questioned, being a single missionary on the field raises important challenges to using my home for hospitality.

  • Not only is nobody allowed into my house if I’m alone, they aren’t allowed on my porch
  • After dark (around 6:30) no children are allowed at my house for any reason
  • And for the sake of keeping a reputation that is above reproach, ministry should be done where everyone can see what’s going on

Of course all of these are absolutely necessary for the integrity of ministry.  But it was frustrating not knowing how God wanted me to respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Finally I understood what God wanted me to do….

And started using my steps for hospitality


Last month I put two plastic chairs on a landing  near my fence.  This allowed children to read books, color, hear a Bible Story, drink water from large orange glasses, play the occasional tablet game, or just hang out.  All without opening my gate which my guard dog makes sure wouldn’t happen.  


To be honest allowing children onto my steps for the afternoon seems like a very weak form of hospitality.  But I take rest in knowing God gets Glory as my steps (or home) are used to reach others with the Gospel of Christ.

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