Why You Need a Church Van


Within the past month I’ve taken part in two Church fellowship meetings.  The first celebrating Tabernacle’s 20th anniversary, the second so we can pray for a local Bible College.

Both experiences reminded me how important Christian fellowship is between Churches on the mission field.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed with Christians in SVG is they normally stay in their area (village) and don’t interact much with sister Churches of like faith that may be farther away.  I don’t believe this is done on purpose, it’s just easier to stay where you are.  This is particularly true since many of them don’t have transportation.

However when Churches make an effort to fellowship with one another, particularly through special meetings like the ones we’ve been having, they realize the blessings of fellowship.

  1. Your able to reconnect with Christian brothers and sisters you haven’t seen in a long time
  2. Encouraged by a time of prayer, worship, and teaching from Gods word together
  3. Reminded of the core doctrines or beliefs that Churches of like faith hold to (this can be done individually, but has more impact in meetings together)
  4. Your also challenged with specific issues faced by Churches on that mission field
  5. And walk away with prayer requests or needs for individual Churches and Believers
  6. You have the opportunity to edify, encourage, and build up one another
  7. For pastors specifically, its encouraging to be fed (ministered to) instead of doing the teaching sometimes
  8. Most of all its encouraging to know there are brothers and sisters standing by you doing the work of God (you are not alone)

Driving home I listened to members excitedly talk about how we as a Church can fellowship more with the Baptist Churches of SVG, and it encouraged my heart.

Currently the Lord is leading me to raise funds to purchase a van for Tabernacle Baptist Church.  There are a few reasons for this, but one of the greatest is we could visit and minister to our sister Churches more.

It is possible to do this with my car and a hired van like we did Sunday…but making fellowship a priority means looking for (and creating) opportunities to connect with fellow Churches.

Which means raising funds for a van….

and selling my car for one if God opens the door.

The point of this post isn’t buying a van (sorry for the clickbait title) but developing relationships with Bible believing, Bible preaching Baptist Churches based on strong Doctrine through fellowship.

It’s easy to buy into the lie of Satan that we are “all alone” standing for God on the mission field, which is why we need to make visiting brothers and sisters a priority.

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