My Bookshelf of Memories

Last Thursday afternoon I got a call I’d been waiting over a week for……

My Christmas barrels had arrived!

Once every year barrels can be shipped from America for $25 each (usually at least $100).  So in November I receive barrels including things like American coffee, clothes, Bibles, and other precious treasures.  But this years extra special because it included my books.

In 2013 I left Australia for what was supposed to be an extended furlough working on Visa paperwork.  Instead, the Lord in His goodness closed that door (opening St. Vincent), and my ministry library was left there.

with the help of Missionaries in Australia and my parents, the Australian books were eventually delivered to North Carolina.  Where I was able to sort through, them but nothing else.


As I began pulling books out of the barrels last Thursday a flood of emotions came back to me:

  1. the Gloria Jeans coffee shop where I read many of them
  2. The comfort they gave during my first years on the field
  3. The tears shed as God convicted my heart
  4. The joy of being reminded again the blood of Christ covers all sin
  5. The plans that captivated my heart to reach the people of Australia
  6. And the increasing burden for their hearts

Along with Scripture and prayer, reading solid books is a habit that helps us develop spiritually.  Unfortunately, this habit takes a lot of time and discipline, especially if you only find time to read at night like me, and the truth is I haven’t been making time.

Because of this, I put all the books on a shelf just inside the door so I’m walking past them constantly.  They’re also almost always within eyesight.

That shelf is full of precious memories and knowledge, but it also haunts me because I usually choose Netflix or social-media over reading.

May God help me invest again in my books….and revisit those precious truths that thrilled my heart in Australia.

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