Missions Must Have Systematic Theology

Most mornings after devotions I work on notes for a Systematic Theology One class that should be taught in early 2019.

I’m honored that the Lord has allowed me to do this because in my mind a strong grasp of Systematic Theology is one of the greatest needs on the mission field 

This doesn’t mean Vincentian Believers don’t know God’s truth (they do!) but the Great Commission calls us to teach others also.  

Systematic Theology (or theology that’s organized) equips Believers so that they can do and disciple others

  1. By seeing how truth fits into a larger subject (like the character of God)
  2. By having a deeper understanding of that truth 
  3. By knowing how to answer false doctrine or questions about those truths
  4. By being able to explain the truth itself in great detail to others 
  5. And by growing in their knowledge of that truth 

It’s true that Systematic Theology isn’t the most interesting thing in the world or easy to understand.  Thinking through arguments in support Calvinist or Arminian views of God’s providential control when it comes to evil isn’t exactly light reading.  However, it’s worth the effort if I can help Believers understand how a Holy God can allow evil.

Oh it would be easier to continue a ministry of preaching (which I love to do) that applies God’s truth to the challenges of daily life.  But eventually we must embrace a teaching ministry that allows our Church members to find the “steak and potatoes” in a Bible passage instead of just “baby food”

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