A Lifestyle of Quiet Excellence

This afternoon my brother after five-years of study will receive his Doctorate!  I’m incredibly proud of him knowing the hard-work, dedication, and discipline that went into this endeavor.

His accomplishment today symbolizes the testimony that was modeled by our parents during childhood and teenage years (continuing into their retirement) something that I call “quiet excellence”

As you can probably tell, quiet excellence is about doing things in a well-organized and meticulous manner that doesn’t bring attention to itself;

  1. Quiet excellence doesn’t usually bring massive results or big crowds
  2. Or boast dramatic stories in prayer letters
  3. Quiet excellence doesn’t promote itself on social media by oversharing
  4. Or have to get any kind of recognition

The truth is those who have embraced quiet excellence live in the shadows, unknown by most people. 

But that’s okay

Because Faithfulness finishes the job

  1. Long after the Innovative ministry program is obsolete
  2. and the zealous ambition has run out
  3. After the successful stories are gone
  4. And most have given up because its too hard
  5. They will still be there….and cross the finish line with integrity  

Strategic plans and ministry programs are good, but they can replace the philosophy of quiet excellence

Get up before everyone else

Have a clear understanding of what God wants you to do

Accomplish it with all your might

And repeat that for thirty-years or so

Its not flashy, but I guarantee you it brings results.

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