The Place for Partners

As a child, Saturday morning always meant doing some extra chores or jobs around the house. But before those started I was able to sit down, and with a large bowl of cereal watch “Saturday morning wrestling.”

Some of my favorite matches were tag-team matches which always went the same way

  1. The good guys “or babyfaces” would start by beating up the bad guys “or heels” until the bad guys got an advantage (usually by cheating)
  2. The bad guys would then beat down one of the good guys and keep him from tagging in his partner
  3. After almost (but not quite) tagging in his partner a few times, the good guy would finally tag him in, and the partner would proceed to beat up the bad guys (commonly called a “hot-tag”)

The idea of tag-team wrestling and “partners” has been on my mind for the last two-weeks because I’ve been preaching on Joshua 9:23-27 where the Jews were tricked into partnering with people living within the land of Canaan. By the time they realized it was a trick the partnership had already been made, and couldn’t be broken (Joshua 9:7-27).

Studying this passage reminded me that while partners (those who will stand with us) are necessary in ministry, we must choose them very carefully

Occasionally in wrestling they will split up a tag-team for some reason. This is usually done through what’s referred to as a “heel-turn”.

As the beaten down good guy starts to struggle towards his corner the crowd begins to cheer in expectation of a “hot tag.” His fresh partner holds his arm out excitedly urging the wrestler on till pulling his hand back at the last moment.

Cue the look of disbelief on his partners face….and the booing of the crowd.

Sadly each of us have had moments of reaching our hand out for that partner only to find nobody there.

The answer isn’t to isolate ourselves and live the Christian life on our own (you can’t anyway)….but to seek Godly partners who are always ready to be tagged in.

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