A Tract is Not Enough…..

I count an incredible privilege to living in a mission field where every day from 8:00-8:45 I’m able to pass out tracts to people who not only want to have one, but go out of their way to read them.

It’s a privilege to see Children from a Government funded school come running and poke their hand through a fence begging me for a tract. It’s gotten so bad I have to limit the amount of tracts given out to schoolchildren!

Seeing Vincentian people reading tracts every day does bless my heart….but it is also broken because they are still far from Christ.

Yesterday morning I was handing out tracts asking “Are You Ready?” so I followed up by asking five or six children where they would go if they died that day. Every one of them told me Hell.

It was surprising to hear children who read tracts every day admit they have never accepted Christ as their Savior. But it does emphasize an important truth.

In most cases Salvation comes following a personal witness….

In other words, a tract is not enough

Can someone be saved after reading a tract? Of course many have! But for the most part those tracts must be followed up by a clear presentation of the Gospel through a Church service, or Christian friend.

A personal Gospel witness saving people more than a tract makes a lot of sense. However that also complicates the work of evangelism because honestly its a lot easier to hand someone a tract than share Christ.

But evangelism isn’t meant to be easy, but effective

The Lord began burdening me yesterday to not only pass out tracts in the community, but actively look for (as well as create) opportunities to personally share Christ with those whose hearts are open.

Please pray with me that God would open the door to not only share a tract, but my Savior as well.

One response to “A Tract is Not Enough…..”

  1. Well done, brother. We also found that tracts sharing requires gospel preaching for more effectiveness. But tract sharing
    alone enables us reach very many difficult people at difficult places and at difficult times.Many believe later and join other Christian gatherings. Tract sharing is like ground wetting. Please continue, brother.The Lord will strengthen you


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