The Curse of an Ineffective Ministry

Yesterday afternoon after Bible Club I did something that was to be honest painful but necessary. Instead of doing a Bible reading program, followed by homework help, we played a game together.

This was painful because that Bible reading program was something very important to me, and when it began lots of the kids showed great interest in reading the book of Mark. However as time passed interest weakened, and it became harder and harder to find kids who wanted to do it.

The truth is the children of Barrouallie need to read more of Scripture. As noted in a post earlier this week, many of them have a foundational knowledge of the Gospel, but have yet to accept Christ.

On the other hand ministry that is forced (I make them sit down and read the Bible) won’t have an effective impact.

Of course we are also called to be faithful in ministry. Just because something is hard doesn’t mean we have to throw in the towel. But when ministry “is not working” it’s best to take a step back, and see if God is closing the door.

After fighting the change for a few weeks I asked myself “do I want to be busy, or effective?”

Busy ministry does a lot of things….but it makes a very small impact

Effective ministry does less things…but has a much greater impact

While effective ministry does have a greater impact, it also means asking some hard questions;

  1. Is this something that God is blessing, or my own plan?
  2. Is it effectively making a difference in lives? (is there fruit?)
  3. Has God in any way started leading me away from this ministry?
  4. Is it something that I am forcing on other people?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it may be time to move on

My heart still yearns for the day when children will excitedly come to Church again so they could read from the Bible. But I rest in the fact that any door God closes, He can reopen

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