Why Everyone Should Live in a Small Village

The word “integrity” has been going through my mind this morning. Partly because my devotions came from the book of Ruth, and partly because of the recent newspaper article that detailed sexual predators within the Southern Baptist Convention.

Sadly its becoming more and more common for leaders in all Churches (not just the SBC) to either leave the ministry, or move to one in another State because of moral failure.

Which is why I’m thankful to be serving in a small village

Technically Barrouallie is one of the larger villages in SVG, however its very small compared to cities in the US or other Countries. On a good day your able to walk the main road from from one end of Barrouallie to the next village over in about twenty minutes.

Living in a small village (and being the only white man there!) does have its frustrations since everyone finds out everything that happens VERY QUICKLY! But everyone knowing your business is a blessing in disguise because people see you every day (the good and the bad ones).

Of course integrity comes from Salvation, and a renewed commitment to Christian character. But knowing everyone will hear about you blowing up in anger adds motivation, particularly on your hard days.

One of the biggest reasons for the moral failure within the SBC and other Churches is their ability to isolate their sin from others so that it cannot be seen.  Albert Mohler explained it this way in an article yesterday; “I would suggest that Southern Baptists, by instinct, have practiced a form of moralism that views sexual misbehavior as an isolated event—deal with it and move on.”

It is possible to keep sin isolated or hidden while living in a small village…but its not easy.

There are days when I long for the days of living in a large American city where my actions weren’t the subject of scrutiny. But that scrutiny brings Glory to God as I faithfully follow my Savior.

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