Satan Knows Your Buttons….

Last week I began bringing a bluetooth speaker along and playing hymns or an audiobook whenever driving anywhere. This led to spontaneous worship (was singing “it is well with my soul” loud enough for everyone to hear while picking people up for Church yesterday.)

But there is a deeper reason for having that worship music

Satan knows my buttons……..

Each of us has weak points, or things that can annoy us unnecessarily. Satan of course because he wants to hinder the cause of Christ takes great joy in “pressing our buttons” so that frustration, or an angry outburst erupts.

For me personally a weak point is driving on Vincentian roads. In particular the main road from Barrouallie to other villages, is a great source of frustration.

  1. People walk in the middle of the road, and then turn to stare at you as you drive by instead of moving
  2. Individuals like to randomly park in tight turns so that you have to come off your hand (move into the oncoming traffic lane) without knowing a car is coming
  3. Vans will stop in the middle of the road unloading passengers so that you cannot get around them
  4. If you meet a vehicle coming down a road (a van in particular) they will make you back down the road that you just drove up so they can pass
  5. People commonly stop and talk to their friends on the side of the road, blocking traffic
  6. in the afternoons there are herds of sheep and goats in the road that you must maneuver around (I once had a goat jump directly in front of my car!)
  7. it doesn’t matter if you honk your horn while coming around a sharp curve to let people know your coming, they will come around on your side of the road anyways
  8. and Vehicles like to use ultra high-beam headlights at night that blinds oncoming traffic

These and other frustrations don’t always lead to an outburst of anger…however they do create a growing frustration that can distract from doing God’s Will

Sadly it took a while for me to realize how much Satan was using driving (particularly on Sundays since my mind was on the service). But once I did, it was time to create a battle plan

My battle plan looks something like this

  1. before turning the car on, I pray that God would give me patience
  2. Hymns are playing on my speaker so that I’m singing praise songs to the Lord (my mind is focused on Him)
  3. I drive slower and more carefully than necessary whenever possible (often when you get rushed the frustration starts)
  4. I expect every person on the road to do the most foolish thing imaginable 🙂
  5. And I spend a lot of time in the car praying out loud to the Lord

This doesn’t mean things are perfect. I still get frustrated from time to time.

The important thing is with the Lords help creating a battle plan that strengthens a weak area of my life. And when that frustration does come, seek the help of my Heavenly Father.

I can’t keep Satan from mashing my buttons

But I can keep him from getting the victory

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