Hidden Fruit

Most of the time I have a positive attitude on life and ministry in Barrouallie, but occasionally everybody has a discouraging day when you can’t see God working.

Monday was one of those days for me

  1. I was struggling physically for much of it (normal after preaching twice and visitation on Sunday)
  2. Was dealing with a mental fog (for the same reason)
  3. A combination of those things made it very hard to be motivated, and get work done
  4. No children came to Bible Club
  5. When I went by the park to share Bible stories nobody was interested
  6. And it seemed as if nothing worked like it was supposed to

Right on cue Satan began whispering in my ear “look after being here for three years how much fruit have you seen for the Lord? You may as well give up now!” Thankfully I was used to this attack of Satan and instead of wallowing in self-pity took a long walk praying to God.

“Dark days” as I like to call them are used by Satan to emphasize God isn’t doing a lot of huge things in Barrouallie. Therefore he will tell me my time in Barrouallie is wasted. What I often forget (and what Satan doesn’t tell me) is that God is always at work.

Ministry effectiveness isn’t about how many times I’ve shared the Gospel, or how productive that day has been

Its about being faithful to do the work of God even when I don’t feel like it

Monday night two Church members and an unsaved friend came for a computer class on how create a powerpoint. For a little over an hour I showed them how to work with the software, and then let them “play” with my computer. Seeing the smile and laughter on their faces brought a smile to my own face….

and yes it was fruit.

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