Life Without Television

While making lunch last November (the week before Thanksgiving) I heard a slight pop, and turned to see my TV was no longer working. What was probably a power surge ended up blowing a breaker in the back of it.

My first thought was “I have to get the tv fixed right away so the cable can work again!” but then another thought came into my mind, “do I really need TV?”

Last week I finally paid a man to get it fixed (cost around 100 Caribbean dollars) but to be honest I haven’t missed television. ALl

allow me to clarify that I DO have Netflix. However with the Lords help, don’t use that much either. Usually about an hour a night.

The truth is I don’t need cable or Netflix…because I have audiobooks

With the help of a website called Audible I’m able to download one audiobook a month (or return some in exchange for others). Trust me when I say listening to The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, or The Wingfeather Saga (a series of books suggested by my niece) beats ANYTHING you can find on TV or Netflix!

Actually even if the books weren’t exciting I’d probably still listen.

because they keep my mind from wandering.

Perhaps its just me, but I find my mind wandering when watching a tv show or Netflix program online (even my beloved NCIS). I always find myself scrolling through facebook, scanning twitter, or checking news sites.

Allowing your mind to wander isn’t bad of course. But I’ve found when entertainment becomes an automatic response when you’re tired, it can become an automatic response when you’re frustrated, discouraged, or unmotivated.

And bad things happen when you are distracted:

  1. Satan can bring subtle temptations
  2. You lose track of time
  3. Its harder to get back to work (you really don’t want to)
  4. It is easy to start mindlessly consuming things instead of thinking about them
  5. And you aren’t really there anyways (trying to do two or three things at once)

There is a place for entertainment in life, but we can be thankful even those moments can be used for the Glory of God.

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