The Privilege (and responsibility) of an Open Mission Field

Next Tuesday with the Lords help, I will begin the process of renewing my one-year visa in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The first time this was done in 2016 my stomach was filled with butterflies, but by now I’m used to the thankfully easy process.

Every year as I renew my visa, I’m reminded of what a blessing it is to live in a mission-field that is still open to the Gospel.

Sadly many Countries are today slowly closing their doors to the Gospel:

  1. through the removal religious liberty
  2. Stronger Immigration laws for those who come in as religious workers (I understand the need for this since many extremists or terrorists call themselves “religious” but those new laws make it incredibly difficult for missionaries to come)
  3. Growth of separation between Church and state (school system, government)
  4. And a general disinterest (coldness) towards Gods truth

There is definitely a call for people to continue serving in those Countries till God closes the door, but I personally believe there’s also a call for workers in Countries like SVG that are wide open

  1. Where children start school with the Lords Prayer
  2. Churches are given a price-break when shipping in flyers for tent meetings
  3. Officers at customs want to know if you have any more Bibles to give out
  4. Children will crowd around you begging for a Gospel tract
  5. Prisons not only allow you to have Church services for their inmates, but are asking Believers to do more!
  6. And the old-school methods (I say this in love) like door to door visitation and open air meetings still work!

There is a sense where missionaries should go towards the hard fields where people aren’t interested in the Gospel, but at the same time lets not forget the fields that are white unto harvest!

I am grateful for their openness to the Gospel. But the reason I’m thankful to serve here, and use it to the best of my ability, is things won’t stay that way.

truth be told if you listen closely enough over the island waves you can hear the door starting to creak shut….

children once they reach High-School age have no interest in Christ

People confuse religion, with a relationship with God

You openly see cults sharing their own faith in the community

People have lost interest in attending Church

children KNOW they are going to Heaven, but cannot tell you why

As the door begins to close I am committed to sowing the Word of God here though the land is stony or fertile. But by Gods grace I must plant as much as possible before the soil becomes hard.

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