Giving Away the Good Coffee

On my shelf stands four pounds of good coffee (two pounds of Dunkin Donuts, and two pounds of a light brewed coffee) along with about three pounds of Harris Teeter brand coffee.

Thats all that’s left of the fourteen pounds of coffee in my Christmas barrel, eighteen pounds counting the four that I brought back from the US over Christmas.

Its been interesting to notice how I went from being incredibly generous with my coffee when the Christmas barrel came in, but becoming more miserly as my coffee stash quickly dwindled. The same can be said of my Jolly Ranchers, that too fast went from twenty-five pounds to ten!

Thankfully almost everything you can get in America you can buy in Saint Vincent (for a price). Unfortunately, high quality coffee and large bags of Jolly Ranchers are two things that you cannot get here.

The idea of not having coffee I enjoy till November 2019 (editors note: they do sell Folgers and Maxwell House here, but in my personal opinion that is not coffee). Subconsciously led me to protect my coffee with extreme vigor (even when I gave some out, it was always the Harris Teeter brand!)

Of course there’s nothing wrong with saving things for yourself, but ministry must be characterized by generosity….

even if that means giving away your good coffee.

Last Saturday a man came over who had helped me fix my TV and recently replaced the remote in my AC unit so that it is working again. He mentioned my extensive collection of Maxwell house containers, which got us talking about our coffee.

Since he is a coffee drinker like me, I went into the kitchen, and came back a few minutes later with a French press, and over a pound of the good coffee.

If things keep going at this rate I’ll be back to Maxwell House by April! And I will start thinking of next November 🙂

But thats okay….

Because the relationship built with that gift is worth all the coffee in the world

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