Creating an Inner Circle

Last Saturday some kids came by and spent some time on my porch (after the dog was leashed in the backyard of course).

  1. We read books
  2. colored
  3. ate mangoes
  4. and shot my water gun

Honestly I would love to do this kind of ministry with all of the children in Barrouallie. Sadly there isn’t enough time or energy to do that, and some would just try to take advantage of the situation.

So there must be an “inner circle” of young people who have earned special privileges

Last week I began giving out wordless book bracelets to children who regularly attend Bible club, and have good behavior. The special privileges are great of course, but more important to me is the opportunity to begin a discipleship ministry with them.

This means clarifying the Gospel, winning to Christ, and making part of the local Church.

There is a great need for discipleship or “spiritual parenting” in Barrouallie today. Unfortunately not all of them are willing to be discipled (have teachable hearts, care about the things of the Lord). So while evangelizing everyone, we are looking for the select few who can be discipled.

In other words, part of missions is finding the soil softened towards the gospel

These kind of discipleship relationships are important because it doesn’t take long for a heart to become hardened towards the things of God. Children who are desperate to hear more about the Bible will have no interest in God one year later.

We must reach them while we can.

At this point four young people are wearing Bible Club bracelets around town. Though three don’t know the Lord, I believe that they are close to accepting Him. Please pray as I began investing my time and energy into their lives.

Discipleship isn’t fool-proof since a bracelet on their hand cannot effect their heart. But actively searching for, and reaching those with tender hearts does bring God glory.

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