Embracing Unscheduled Ministry

As of yesterday children are out of school for a few weeks after finishing standardized tests. School holidays are a blessing because they allow me to spend more time with children, and their parents, but it’s also a challenge because ministry will be unplanned

Most of my ministry in Barrouallie is planned out. By that I mean its scheduled for a certain time, at a certain place where people will be. These kind of ministries draw people since they know exactly where I will be, and exactly what I will be doing.

Ministry that has been scheduled out is helpful because it conserves energy, and helps use time wisely.

The problem with a scheduled ministry is normal schedules go out the window during school holidays

Unscheduled (or unplanned) ministry can create frustration because the people don’t come to you….so you must come to them. This frustration grows because you often cannot find the people 🙂

That frustration is worth it though, because its often in the unplanned moments of life God brings the greatest blessing

This morning while passing out tracts a few children begged me to go get my football from the Church and play with them for a while. There where things I needed to get done, but instead I came back with the ball and played with them for thirty minutes.

As we got done playing a large group of Jehovah’s Witnesses came by, one of them was a man who I had conversations with before.

We talked for a few minutes about whether or not Jesus was God when he died on the cross (He did say Jesus was God on the cross, but I’m certain he wouldn’t say Jesus was God the moment that he died) and whether or not Jesus will reign on this earth. One the way home I talked with a man about how to glorify God in every aspect of our lives.

Most people would look at those three experiences and say my conversation with the Jehovah’s Witness or discussing Scripture were ministry. I’m not saying they aren’t, but playing football with those children was ministry too.

Scheduled ministry is a good thing since our time and energy is precious. But a schedule can eliminate things like “playing football” since it isn’t a productive activity. I’m thankful for God’s reminder today spending time building Gospel bridges into lives of children is just as important as refuting a JW.

Sometimes the Godliest thing we can do is set our schedule aside, and give people the attention they crave.

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