1 Kings 2:2 Real Men Are Faithful

1Kings 2:1   Now the days of David drew nigh that he should die; and he charged Solomon his son, saying, 2 I go the way of all the earth: be thou strong therefore, and shew thyself a man;

The last phrase of 1 Kings 2:2 have been stuck in my head recently…”shew (prove) thyself a man.”

The dying words of David to King Solomon obviously didn’t question whether or not he was actually a man. Instead the King was challenged to live up the responsibility of his position, and finish the work God had for him.

Following the death of his father, King Solomon took the responsibility of King very seriously

  1. He brought justice to those who deserved punishment (completing his fathers unfinished business) (2:23-24, 2:31-33)
  2. He sought God’s wisdom and presence while leading Israel (3:5-12)
  3. He led Israel into a time of peace without war (4:20-25)
  4. He continued the Covenant God began with David (6:12-13)
  5. He completed the Temple after seven years (7:51) which was filled with God’s presence (9:1-5)

Though Solomon’s life had a sad end because of his love for strange women (11:1) he is a great testimony of leadership that faithfully finished the task God has given him.

Sadly today manhood is described with flashy adjectives or characteristics. So it’s easy to forget one of the manliest words in the world is “faithful.”

The thing about being faithful is not many people see it

  1. Faithful is going to work every day
  2. Quietly finishing the task God has
  3. Having the discipline to complete what you start (even if it takes seven years)
  4. And worrying about others instead of yourself

But this quiet attribute of faithfulness is one that separates the men from the little boys

It frightens me to live in a village filled with men who act like five-year olds. Because the young boys grow up thinking a man is supposed to drink rum, smoke weed, curse, and beg money from people all day long…

there is very little faithfulness.

May the Lord raise up Godly leaders who can show the little boys of Barrouallie what a real man looks like

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