The Place for Quiet Hours

Because its gets bright earlier in Saint Vincent, I have gotten into the habit of getting up earlier to prepare for the day. That used to be 5:30, but now it’s 4:40, depending on how many times I hit the snooze button 🙂

This may seem insane so let me explain much of my ministry is done in the morning (8:00-1:00) and afternoons (2:30-5:30) while preaching two evenings (6:40-8:00). By the end of the day, I may have energy, but my brain struggles to concentrate on things like studying or writing.

Because of this I’ve set aside “quiet moments” each morning that have three main goals:

  1. Get my heart right with God (Devotions and prayer)
  2. Plan out the day (Schedule and compile “to-do lists”)
  3. And work on sermon prep

In a way those quiet morning hours (4:40-7:30) allow me to prepare myself mentally as well as spiritually for ministry

Which is why the snooze alarm must be avoided at all costs

Of course there are days when our bodies need extra rest. But I know all too well hitting the snooze alarm for “ten more minutes of sleep” becomes hitting it five or six times till your running behind

Obviously there is a physical drawback to this (being late for work or having to rush through things) but strangely its the mental and spiritual affects that impact me more:

  1. You rush through devotions (not enough time, your distracted while reading)
  2. You don’t plan or out or organize the day (there isn’t a purpose or plan)
  3. You spend the morning trying to “catch up” instead of allowing the Lord to speak before the rush

Yesterday I slept in till 6:00. My body needed it, but I suffered the rest of the day both spiritually and mentally because there was no real purpose to my actions. The day was spent “putting out fires” instead of purposely following God’s plan for my life. It was Gods not so gentle reminder when the quiet hours are neglected, the whole day goes wrong!

I’m not saying everyone needs to get up at 4:30 in the morning (especially if your not a morning person!). But I am saying there needs to be time every day when we quietly sit at the feet of Jesus, and allow Him to speak.

And that begins by not hitting the snooze alarm

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