When Scripture is Hate Speech

Photo from 10daily.com.au

On Wednesday Israel Folau, veteran rugby player in Australia, put a post on his Instagram account saying that homosexuals (among others) will go to Hell if they don’t repent. This coupled with a twitter post saying that those who change their gender are blinded by Satan brought a strong response.

As of Wednesday evening Rugby Australia had already said his comments were “unacceptable” and “do not represent the values of the sport.” Since this is the second time Falou’s beliefs have gotten him into hot water (he was reprimanded last year for saying God’s plan for Homosexuals was hell) he will probably be either suspended, or possibly let go.

I’m personally not surprised that sharing a Biblical view online leads to these kind of consequences. Scripture is clear that the unsaved won’t understand the truths of God’s Word. Plus you cannot exactly expect people to be happy you have said they are going to hell.

Folau isn’t surprised either since according to recent articles he almost quit the sport of Rugby last year because it would keep him from sharing his beliefs.

However, this situation (along with others) shows that modern culture goes out of its way to not only bring consequences for the Christian worldview, but silence it.

  • Consequences for sharing Christian beliefs would be unfollowing or blocking me, or demanding an apology
  • Silencing a Christian belief would be demanding I never say it again
  • Consequences for sharing Christian beliefs would be confronting over the reasons why I believe in it, and starting an online discussion
  • Silencing a Christian belief would be attacking me personally, or trolling every post that I make online
  • Consequences for sharing Christian beliefs would be loss of friendships
  • Silencing a Christian belief would be loss of a job

To simplify the issue take Colin Kaepernick, the football star who began taking a knee during the National Anthem to protest the Governments treatments of racial minorities. There were consequences for his actions (loss of revenue, unpopular with fans, lack of playing time) but he wasn’t silenced (it was within Kaepernick’s rights to decide whether or not to stand).

While the situation with Israel Folau still fits into consequences, its clear to see things headed quickly toward a place where sharing the Christian worldview will be silenced.

Again I am not expecting everyone to agree with what the Bible teaches, and am prepared to face the consequences (I’m a big boy I can take it).

However as the voice of every other group is defended, I must demand you hear the Christian voice as well.

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