The Arrogance of Murdering Babies

Tim Challies (a blogger whose website I visit daily) wrote an excellent article this morning entitled “We Murder Babies.”

While the whole article is definitely worth reading, his final paragraph is incredibly moving

Those who live in Western nations are prone to look down upon other cultures, and to see them as unsophisticated, backward, or even barbaric—they fear albinos or mutilate the genitals of their women or hold to a caste system. Yet in traveling far and wide, I’ve learned that many people in non-Western nations regard Western cultures as unsophisticated, backward, or even barbaric. Though they see we may have more developed infrastructure and greater access to necessities like clean water and excellent healthcare, they also see that we take the lives of the most vulnerable among us and consider this a point of pride and a mark of progress. They see what we obscure under a cloud of euphemisms and under endless discussions of rights. They see that we murder babies.

The beauty of this article is it reveals the hypocrisy of “a womans right to choose” whether a child lives or dies

  1. We look down upon cultures where children are forced into sexual slavery
  2. Live without proper nutrition or clean drinking water
  3. Are surrounded by contagious sexual diseases
  4. Cannot receive a proper education
  5. Or are euthanized (killed) for being disabled

Yet at the same time, we thousands of babies a year through abortion

The sad thing is (as Challies points out) we view ourselves as “progressive” and look down upon other Countries for their treatment of children, not realizing our treatment is much worse.

Of course I am adamantly against all of the opressive Countries that take advantage of children…but also realize my home Country does much worse.

May God take the blinders off of our eyes and help us understand just how far from Him Canada (and America) have wandered.

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