Why Social-Media is My Social-Life

Jared Wilson wrote an excellent article Monday called “how to fall in ministry.” Within it one paragraph hit me hard

Almost every one of the pastors I’ve known personally who lost their ministries to moral failings would say later that they had no real friends. Nobody knew them. This has implications for accountability and also general emotional wellbeing. Not every lonely pastor falls morally, but they are all vulnerable to it.

Jared Wilson “How to Fall in Ministry”

I completely agree with this statement…..Which is why I have to work hard on having a social-life

But doing this is difficult when you are a single missionary

Please understand I’m not feeling sorry for myself, or looking for self-pity. God has given me strong relationships with Vincentian Believers as well as unbelievers I’m thankful for.

However those in ministry know the importance of having someone who is also in the ministry who understands what you’re going through.

The thing that really hit me as I read the article Monday (and that paragraph) was being alone didn’t really bother me anymore. I had become accustomed to internalizing or dealing with my struggles without sharing them with anyone else as if it was healthy. But it wasn’t!

to keep myself from burning out ministry wise, I’m endeavoring to create a social-life using digital tools

  1. Such as direct texting with my family and closest friends through iPhone or Whattsap
  2. Relaunch my blog (yes again!) as a journaling tool to share the good, and bad experiences on the mission field
  3. Strategically use Facebook to connect about what God’s doing
  4. And email more to prayer supporters both ministry, and personal prayer requests

Again let me clarify this isn’t John feeling sorry for himself…God has put me in a unique situation for His Glory as a single missionary. But I must be careful to not let that blessing be used as a tool of Satan.

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