Control Social-Media or it will Control You

One of my goals this year is to be more purposeful about my use of Social-Media. In other words, posts should have a specific reason (not sharing just for the sake of sharing) that would help others (specifically by sharing Bible verses or articles).

This is necessary since I admittedly use Facebook more than many people. It’s one of my major forms of communication, so it is incredibly important to make sure I’m controlling it instead of it controlling me (taking up too much time).

One of the most helpful tools with this is a recent book “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport, who also wrote the excellent book “Deep Work.” In it he explains that social media is a good thing, but in many ways it governs us instead of us governing it.

A big step towards being purposeful with Facebook is to take the the first suggestion that Newport gives. One thats pretty scary at first, but is well worth it.

delete the Facebook App

About three-weeks ago I deleted Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from my phone (and my tablets a few weeks later).

I could still access it in my browser, but you would be amazed at how much less time was spent on these apps (facebook in particular) when you couldn’t see the red numbers signifying notifications.

I still believe Facebook is an amazing tool that can be used for God’s Glory. But again it’s important to ensure I’m using it instead of it controlling me by drawing attention with every ding, bright red letter, and message.

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