The Unproductive Agenda of God

I woke up in a pretty bad mood yesterday because last week was very unproductive.

like many of you I have scheduled tasks and to-do lists that make up a daily schedule (or agenda). Occasionally my schedule is thrown off because of ministry, but last week was frustrating since I took two unplanned trips to Kingstown (three total).

Getting to town and back takes a minimum of two hours 1. So leaving at 9:00 and getting back around 12:30 did serious damage to my plans. I was trying to catch up, but just couldn’t get everything done!

I’m thankful after some coffee and time with Scripture, the Lord reminded me being submissive to His plan is more important than being productive.

This idea comes from author Jerry Bridges writes about what he refers to as “the agenda of God.”

He explains this as Gods sovereignly bringing into our lives whatever will make us more like Christ. According to Bridges, much of our sin problems (anger, anxiety, frustration, jealousy, selfishness) comes because we lose sight of God’s sovereignty. 2

Going back to last week, it was agenda of God that I would go to town three times, and not get a lot accomplished.

So I can cling to my own agenda (productivity) or submit to the agenda of God knowing that He brings what’s always best.

Somedays ministry is added new items to your ever-growing to-do list, and not checking anything off. But this can be done with happiness because the agenda of God is far better than my own.

  1. Closer to thee when you factor in the nap afterwards 🙂
  2. This idea is explained in his book “Respectable Sins”

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