Sweeties and Utter-Depravity of Man

Once a year, I get a shipment of sweeties (candy) in. For twelve months they are given out at Church, and as rewards for children. On average six are given out a week, four at Bible club, and two in my reading help ministry.

at the beginning I would bring more than one sweetie in case children were especially good (occasionally more than one was given out) and even bought them in a small treasure box as an added incentive.

That quickly ended though because the children kept stealing the sweeties

It started with one or two missing every couple of days, but soon they would be trying to get near the treasure-box whenever my back was turned. So today the one sweetie is always carried inside of my pocket.

This stealing is a basic illustration of utter depravity, which teaches that on our own we cannot obey God, or reject our sin-nature. From birth till Christ is accepted as Savior, we are enslaved to sin.

A Christian response to utter-depravity includes two things:

  1. Putting safeguards in place
  2. And dealing with the heart

Obviously by taking all sweeties away instead of the one in my pocket I was placing safeguards up that ensured children would no longer steal any. However, it’s important to realize that their utter-depravity hasn’t really been dealt with. Just because children CANNOT steal something doesn’t mean that they WON’T steal something.

You must deal with the heart

With the Lords help I am explaining foundational truths of the Gospel through Bible Club:

  1. We will never be good enough to enter Heaven
  2. God sent Jesus to pay our debt on the cross
  3. We accept Jesus by faith and not works
  4. And Christ will transform our hearts

The call of the Gospel (choose Jesus as your Savior) is the only true hope any of us have for overcoming our sin-nature.

This doesn’t mean I don’t take precautions because even a Christian child can give into temptation and thief one of Mr. John’s sweeties. But the truth is putting my candy into the worlds safest vault will not change the fact that children’s hearts are wicked.

To put it simply behavior modification is not the goal….heart transformation is

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