Let the Gospel Do It’s Work

Last month a girl from the community started coming to Bible Club almost every day. At first I think it was because she wanted to win a piece of candy (one is given out every day to the best behaved child). But soon she started enjoying Bible Club even when she didn’t get candy.

The interesting thing is, she’s known as being one of the worst children in Barrouallie:

  1. She constantly steals things
  2. Fights all of the time
  3. Uses profanity often
  4. And enjoys bullying other children 1

As the weeks passed she began to pay and more attention as I taught the Bible lessons, and it seemed that the Lord was working on her heart.

Yesterday at the end of a lesson about the rapture, I encouraged the kids who were ready to accept Jesus to let me know sometime later. She immediately answered “John I’m ready right now!”

After going through Scriptures with her, she did pray a sinners prayer. To be honest, I have serious doubts about whether or not her Salvation decision was genuine. She didn’t seem to quite understand what it meant to accept Christ, or confess her sins.

how do we respond when someone asks the Lord to save them, and we don’t think they’re saved?

Though she may not completely grasp what it means to accept Christ now, there is no question God is doing a work in this young ladies heart. So the correct response is to continue clearly sharing the Gospel until she chooses Jesus as her Savior (if she hasn’t done so already).

When someone is close to accepting Christ we don’t apply pressure but continue sharing the Gospel. Because the Gospel will continue to do its work.

  1. Of course, she doesn’t do any of this in Bible Club

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