The Sovereignty of God and Toner Ink

I don’t think that any Christian would actually question the Sovereignty of God (belief that God is in divine control of everything that happens in our lives). But occasionally the Lord graciously reminds us of that fact.

A huge blessing for me on the mission field is a laser printer that I bought last Christmas. It allows me to do tons of printing without replacing the ink cartridge. However, when the time does come to replace my toner that becomes a problem since the ink can’t be found in SVG.

because of this I usually contact my parents in the States and have them ship over a new toner cartridge once my pinter starts flashing the “low ink” message.

One of the few drawbacks of living in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is it takes lots of time for a package to arrive. Mail will be delivered in about two-weeks, but a package can take closer to four. Last time my parents sent ink it took five weeks!

Obviously living without my printer for a few weeks isn’t the end of the world (ink usually ends about two-weeks after the low ink message starts flashing). But it is one of those moments I wish a Walmart was nearby 🙂

A few Sundays ago my printer ink ran out. My brother had sent the new toner, but that had been less than four weeks before so I didn’t expect it to come for at least one more week. But since I was in Kingstown for other business anyways, I decided to check the post office.

Imagine my surprise when they came back with my toner!

If my toner hadn’t arrived it wouldn’t have shaken my faith in God (I honestly didn’t expect it to be there). But I am thankful the Lord gave me an encouraging reminder He is in sovereignly in control of something as small as the mail service.

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