The Door is Still Open!

As a Believer, it is difficult seeing so much religious freedom being taken away from Christians, while more freedom is given to other religious groups.

Of course they don’t outlaw Christian beliefs outright, but there is a growing movement that views Biblical Truth as “hate speech.”

One of the more interesting illustrations of this is from Twitter that in July announced they would begin banning people who used “dehumanizing language toward religious groups.”

allow me to clarify that I don’t agree with any kind of hate speech, or violence towards other religions. However the word “dehumanizing” is obviously used to include things such as truth people don’t agree with.

It’s easy to become frustrated with the lack of religious freedom today (and we should be). However, lets also remember there are places where huge amounts of religious freedom are still enjoyed.

For almost four years It’s been a privilege for me to live in Barrouallie, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. One of the things I truly love about this town is it has a true love for the Lord. Sadly there are many “religious” people who aren’t “saved” but it is still a blessing:

  1. To be in a town where people not only take tracts, but reread them on other days
  2. School is begun with prayer, and a devotional
  3. And Principals in the school Christmas program explain the Gospel clearly

Yesterday I finished a seven-week counseling ministry in a local prison. Because yesterday was the end, we had a little celebration, that was attended by the superintendent of prisons. It thrilled my heart to hear him encourage three inmates to develop a personal relationship with God, and quote from the book of Isaiah!

As the celebration finished we joined hands and I led in a prayer asking the Lord to continue working in the inmates lives. Before letting go of my hand he gave me a very firm handshake, and said “thank you brother John!”

It is true that the door seems to be closing (very slowly) to the Gospel in some countries. But its an encouragement to know that in others the door is wide open.

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