The False Doctrine of “And”

This morning we had a question and answer session at our prison ministry. This is something we do every once in a while, instead of a message myself and another minister will answer questions the inmates have.

I enjoy these services since the men really get into it, and ask some hard questions. It also gives a chance for us to clarify any false Doctrine that they may have heard from someone else.

We had already gone a bit overtime this morning but decided to take one more question.

The inmate stood up and asked “why can’t people from other Churches just fellowship together?”

He proceeded to explain how frustrating it was for him to see people from different religious groups unwilling to stand together in unity, and challenged us to simply love one another. The other minister agreed this was sad because we are called to one another, and was about to close in prayer when I stopped him.

I explained to the brother that having love for other people is definitely very important. But there are situations when God calls us to be incredibly unloving, especially when they use the word “and” when describing how to be saved.

Scripture is very clear that Jesus is the only way to Heaven 1, and Salvation comes through repentance along with Belief 2. But many religious people take it upon themselves to add different things for Salvation.

  1. Believe in Jesus AND be baptized
  2. Believe in Jesus AND go to Church
  3. Believe in Jesus AND read your Bible
  4. Believe in Jesus AND witness

Now there is nothing wrong with the things listed here. In fact God wants us to do them! But that little word “and” makes Salvation something that depends on my own human works instead of Grace through Faith.

And in this situation the most loving thing I can do is point out their false Doctrine.

today more than ever before it’s important that we defend true Doctrine and the Gospel. Because the false Doctrine that destroys Churches rarely comes questioning the deity of Christ, It sneaks in the back-door with the little word “and.”

  1. John 14:6
  2. Romans 10:9-10

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