Seasons Change….

the picture above and others like it are incredibly precious to me because they symbolize a season of ministry when the children of Barrouallie were open to the Gospel, and had a hunger for the Word of God. They also bring heartache because that season has ended.

Slowly over the last four years, I’ve seen children go from incredibly excited about the Lord, to not being very interested at all. The funny thing is I still had children come for Bible Club every day. However many just came because they wanted something, and treated me with very little respect.

So in early December I stopped opening the door for Bible Club…and haven’t opened it since

I’ve since replaced Bible Club with visitation ministries in the afternoon, including three brothers who remain hungry to hear the Word of God.

To be honest having to shut down Bible Club still bothers me because it did proclaim the Gospel to children. But it wasn’t effective (lots of time was spent keeping the kids under control) and I was almost always on my own with them. More than that, I knew in November that season of ministry had ended, and it was time to start a new one.

As I began spending my afternoons on visitation instead of holding Bible Club I actually realized it was better

  • I had the undivided attention of the people who I was sharing with, and was able to give them my complete attention
  • This allows me to share the Gospel in a clear and direct way
  • Things go much faster this way so that I can visit lots more people during the time
  • I get to choose I minister to (a luxury Bible Club didn’t offer)
  • and it becomes a discipleship ministry instead of evangelistic like Bible Club was

This doesn’t it doesn’t still bother me…I got a little emotional scrolling through pictures like this one a half-hour ago. But I assure you those who hold ministry opportunities with an open hand, and change with God’s seasons will inevitably be given something better.

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